Bec Fary

I make radio in my sleep. Well, I talk about sleep, dreams and nightmares in my independent podcast SleepTalker. During the day, I’m a freelance audio producer and have contributed to Andrew Denton’s Better Off Dead and the Dumbo Feather podcast.

I work at SYN Media as a radio mentor and Tour and Workshop Facilitator, where I take high school students and community groups on radio tours and workshops to teach them live radio broadcasting skills.

As a Supervising Producer and Production Manager with All the Best, I collaborate with community radio volunteers to produce narrative audio documentary, fiction and storytelling.

Early this year, I was a panellist at Audiocraft, where Jon Tjhia and I presented on independent podcasting in Australia. You can listen to our discussion here:


I’m currently working on a series of audio fiction pieces about sleep and intimacy as part of the Wheeler Centre’s Hot Desk Fellowship program, and will be presenting as part of the Podcasting Masterclass at the 2016 Emerging Writer’s Festival.

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